Today’s post could be on either blog…time killer today is looking for inspiration for some sort of barbarian/savage/scary furry costume. I found a couple of fur coats AND these crazy Wookie boots. Somewhere inbetween Sheena, Barbarella and Mad Max…my dream is to be self-employed, creating costumes, so I can spend allllll daaaaay looking at other people’s work.

If you like leather, Pendragon has a lovely selection.  It’s way too hot down here for leather!

Sadly, A Wardrobe in Time isn’t selling anything right now, but their site is awesome, esp. the lyrics and recipes.  Homemade butterscotch! I’m contemplating doing a roaming cabaret/minstrel sort of thing, and need some fodder… “we’re not unreasonable, we won’t eat your eyes.” I’m going to try and find All For Me Grog.  Though I prefer mead.

This is one of the more spectacular Elizabethan costumes I’ve seen (at first I thought Italian, but it is a little more streamlined…).

I like Art of Chainmail for encouraging DIY.

Topsy Turvy has some gorrrgeous, handmade hair accessories (and hats, but I love all the feathers and veils.).


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