Spellcheck, anyone?

A little girl’s funeral – she loved motorcycles, so they rolled her through town in a Harley “hearst.”

Yes, those exist.


And yes, the person telling me the anecdote said “hearst.” She also said Debbie Rowe (I think? I don’t care enough to google it and check) “insinuated” herself with Michael Jackson’s sperm.

Anyways, in the words of an on-looker, “It was a gd parade. They had balloons. They didn’t use any of the funeral homes cars, just their own. And them white trash hillbillies, the logo of the day was ‘___ is an angel.’

So on all the windows of all their cars, they had written like they just graduated high school, on all the windows, ‘___ is an ANGLE.”

A dead girl, being paraded through town in a glass, see-through hearse (pulled by a motorcycle), balloons everwhere, and cars parading behind her…because she is now an angle in heaven.


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