Things that make you go… “WHAT??”

So Videogum is one of my daily sites. Them kids write some funny stuff! GG recaps are the best. They also scour the web to bring you the best (worst) and brightest (most likely to make you call your mom and tell her you love her) in misc. videos.

They claim this one is “weird and creepy:”

but I disagreed. It was kinda silly and cute. Perhaps my history with fetishes and performance art has immuned me to such behaviours. Dunno. The fun doesn’t end there, though, oh no.  You can FEEL the electricity in the air, as he shares his Goodwill find of 86 diapers:

SCORE! I know just how he feels. I found a pair of hardly used Crocs, once. Though, as a commenter asks,

“Isn’t it selfish to buy all those diapers from Goodwill? I understand you’re into them and all, but there are people who have a practical need and use for them.”

Yes. Like her fellow commenter:

“Nice collection- I envy you :( How did Krasdale Ultra Diapers feel when wore them & after you wet them?”

Pamperchu is clearly a caring – and green – fellow. Making sure his Blue stays dry, but also making the effort, and spending the time, to ensure the diaper should be tossed in the first place:

If Mother Earth could comment, I know she’d say “Thank you!”


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